Help Us Build a Strong Foundation

Please help us in our campaign to increase membership in the MBF Society of Fellows. Our request is small—that you nominate two colleagues to become MBF Fellows—but it could have a significant impact on our future. We hope you will support us and Nominate 2 today!

To ensure that our foundation continues to grow and thrive well into the future, we must continue to bring in new members to the Society of Fellows. We seek lawyers and judges who share our commitment to equal access to justice and a desire to come together as a profession to support this important mission.  

There is a place for everyone in the MBF. In addition to believing in our goals, the only other requirements are that candidates are admitted to practice in Massachusetts and are members of the Massachusetts Bar Association.  As you know, membership in the Society of Fellows begins with a pledge of $1,500 that can be fulfilled over time for as little as $150 a year.  We also offer a series of higher pledge levels that are explained here.

How to Help:

·         Consider your colleagues, classmates, and friends.  Identify two who might be good candidates to become MBF Fellows.

·         Click to nominate them, or send us their names and contact information via email to

·         We’ll do the rest! We’ll contact your nominees and invite them to join the MBF Society of Fellows.

·         You do not need to follow up with your nominees, but doing so would certainly help!!

If each of our current members submits nominations in response to this request, and a fraction of those nominees sign on to become MBF Fellows, we could grow our organization exponentially.

Lawyers and judges like you, who believe that our justice system must be open to all, are the lifeblood of this organization.  You not only support us financially through your generous contributions, but also through your dedicated volunteerism, serving on grant advisory committees to help direct resources to programs and regions where they are needed most.  In recent years, when IOLTA revenues dwindled, your dedicated support became more critical than ever.  Together, we have become a dynamic philanthropic community.

Thank you for your support as an MBF Fellow.  We are profoundly grateful for all that you do to support us and our mission.