MBF Awards Over $2.3 Million in Grants for Legal Aid Programs Across Massachusetts


The Massachusetts Bar Foundation (MBF) recently awarded over $2.3 million to 90 programs conducted by 60 different nonprofit organizations through its annual IOLTA grants program.

“Our grant recipients provide the front line soldiers in the state-wide battle for the equal administration of civil justice,” said President Harvey Weiner of Boston’s Peabody & Arnold.  “The MBF is proud to have had a vital role for over 54 years in supporting these legal programs, particularly now during these trying times.”

MBF IOLTA grants support projects that either offer civil legal services to people who could not afford them, or improve the administration of justice in the Commonwealth. Grants providing direct legal services include support to domestic violence programs, special education advocacy, humanitarian immigration assistance, and homelessness prevention.  Grants to improve the administration of justice support efforts such as court-connected mediation and lawyer of the day programs.

Distribution of 2018/2019 IOLTA funds by region

Distribution of 2018/2019 IOLTA funds by region

The Massachusetts Bar Foundation is one of three charitable entities in Massachusetts that distributes funds from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts Program.

Additional information about the Massachusetts Bar Foundation and its IOLTA Grants Program, as well as a complete listing of the 2018/2019 IOLTA grant recipients is available here.