Partner Spotlight: Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP


The Massachusetts Bar Foundation believes there is a role for every lawyer and judge in our organization. But it’s not just individuals in the Massachusetts legal community who support our efforts to increase access to justice for all—law firms continue to play an increasingly significant role in strengthening our capacity to help the organizations that are working hard to provide legal assistance to vulnerable clients facing issues including eviction, domestic violence, immigration, and many other circumstances threatening their safety and well-being. We thus are proud to acknowledge Nutter as one of our major partners in our work.

Nutter has helped pave the way for law firms to engage in pro bono work since its earliest days. Its co-founder, Louis D. Brandeis, who later became a renowned justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, devoted so much of his time to acting as unpaid counsel for causes of reform that he became known as the “People’s Attorney.” Nutter continues that tradition today, remaining deeply committed to social justice and principled causes.

There are numerous ways in which Nutter has strengthened the MBF. Nutter currently is one the two law firms contributing at the Silver Partner level in the MBF’s Law Firm & Corporate Partnership Program. In addition, thirteen Nutter attorneys are members of the MBF Society of Fellows, where they not only make generous financial contributions to the foundation, but also volunteer their time to serve on MBF grant review committees, helping to allocate critically needed funds to nonprofit legal aid organizations throughout the Commonwealth. David C. Henderson, a Nutter partner, currently serves on the MBF Board of Trustees, playing a crucial role in guiding the Foundation so that it may continue to be a resource to the community for many years to come. Retired Nutter partner Daniel J. Gleason previously served in that capacity for years.


“Louis Brandeis’ commitment to community service and the creation of a just society continues to inspire us at Nutter to this day. In many ways, these values – a standard of excellence both for client service and for commitment to the community – are the bedrock on which was Nutter was built. I am proud of Nutter’s commitment to supporting the MBF in its important mission,” said Deborah J. Manus, Managing Partner of Nutter.

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