Welcome to the MBF Society of Fellows

The MBF Society of Fellows is a membership organization of select Massachusetts attorneys and judges who are committed to giving back to the profession and supporting legal services for the poor in our state.  MBF Fellows are our core supporters and a driving force behind all that we do.  Through generous contributions to the Foundation, they help ensure that the MBF is a resource through which the legal community can come together and support initiatives that make access to justice a reality for those in need.

Joining the Society of Fellows starts with a pledge that can be fulfilled over time for as little as $150 per year.

There is a role for every Massachusetts lawyer and judge in the MBF. In addition to pledging their financial support to the Foundation, some Fellows choose to become active in governance by serving on the board of trustees and various committees, participating in the annual grantmaking process, and attending special events held throughout the year.

We know that the civil legal needs of the poor in our state far outpace the resources to assist them.  Please join the MBF Society of Fellows today and lend your support to our efforts to help bridge this gap.

Why join the Society of Fellows?

  • Unprecedented Need For Your Help
  • Giving Back to the Profession
  • Expert Grantmaking
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Publicity & Networking Opportunities
  • Tax-Deductible Contributions

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The MBF represents the best of what lawyers do.

- Alice E. Richmond, Esq. 
Richmond & Associates, Boston
MBF Fellow since 1976

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Pledge Levels

The following pledge levels can be fulfilled by affordable installments contributed over ten or fewer years. Upon fulfillment of their pledge, Fellows are designated Life Fellows of the Foundation.

Foundation Fellow - $1,500

Louis D. Brandeis Fellow - $2,500

Oliver Wendell Holmes Fellow - $5,000

President's Circle: Bronze Level - $10,000

President's Circle: Silver Level - $25,000

President's Circle: Gold Level - $50,000

President's Circle: Platinum Level - $75,000

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Why should I become a Fellow? 

Unprecedented Need For Your Help

Despite combined funding from federal, state, and private sources, a recent study estimates that only 13.8 percent of Massachusetts residents living in poverty had all their civil legal needs met.  Every day, legal services providers must turn away eligible clients due to lack of resources. The MBF continues to receive requests for support that far exceed its funding capacity. MBF Fellows are committed to reversing this trend and  increasing access to justice for all members of the Commonwealth.   

Giving Back to the Profession

Members of the Massachusetts legal profession have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to giving back to the community in appreciation for all that the legal profession has given them. Becoming a Fellow is an ideal way to directly help people and help the profession at the same time.  In addition, a Fellows pledge can help to fulfill the mandate of Rule 6.1 of the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct for those aspiring to do so.

Expert Grantmaking

The MBF's highly efficient and effective system of grant making and grant monitoring is often used as a model for other bar foundations and funders across the country.  With decades of experience in the Massachusetts legal community, the MBF understands legal needs across the state, and can direct your contributions where they are most critically needed and will create the highest impact.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a Fellow, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in governance, fundraising, and the annual grantmaking process. Each year, more than 100 Fellows participate in reviewing grant applications to ensure that grant funds are distributed effectively and judiciously to programs throughout Massachusetts.  The MBF can also help you connect with pro bono and other civic volunteer opportunities through its large network of nonprofit grantees.

Publicity & Networking Opportunities

In addition to being acknowledged in several MBF publications each year, Fellows are invited to participate in all MBF events. These include the Annual Meeting, Grantee Receptions, and other networking opportunities offered throughout the year.

Tax-Deductible Contributions

Since the MBF is a charitable, nonprofit organization under IRS code 501(c)3, all contributions are tax-deductible, in accordance with federal and Massachusetts state law. Receipts are issued for all gifts.