2017 Bank of America
Legal Assistance for Foreclosure Prevention
& Community Redevelopment Grants Program

The MBF recently received approximately $1.4 million from a settlement on mortgage-related litigation between the US Dept. of Justice and Bank of America.  To date, over $1 million has been awarded through our annual IOLTA Grants Program.  The MBF will distribute its remaining funds from the settlement allocation by means of a competitive grant process in which we invite current MBF IOLTA and Citigroup Community Redevelopment Grant Recipients to participate.

Through this grant program, the MBF expects to award one-time grants totaling approximately $300,000 for programs that utilize legal advocacy to provide foreclosure prevention assistance or to foster community redevelopment in areas of Massachusetts hit particularly hard by the foreclosure crisis. 

We are seeking proposals for significant grants ($40,000.00 minimum) for programs which can be put into effect immediately, and used during the grant period which will be March 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018.

Applications must be submitted no later than Nov. 21, 2016.



NOTE: These forms are only part of the BOA Grant Application. Please refer to the Application Instructions for details about other components. PDF versions include form fields in which information can be typed.


Contact the MBF at (617) 338-0534 or foundation@massbar.org.